Understanding the Various Methods Available For Gray Hair Treatment


Gray hair is another sign of aging apart from wrinkled skin, saggy facial muscles, and others. Both men and women suffer from this issue. Sometimes consuming excessive anti-aging medicines can cause graying of hair. With the help of advanced medical treatment you can now cure this medical disorder and can look young for years together. Gray hair can be treated in the following manner:-

Cosmetic Treatment:

Hair dye is one of the oldest and easiest ways of coloring your hair. Since ages people have been following different methods to dye their hair. Every strand of human hair is made up of thousands of cuticles. The dyes are designed in such a way that molecules easily penetrate into the cuticles, without damaging it.

These dyes are made up of chemical components and have a high percentage of ammonia. Some of them are prepared by using vegetable colors and are considered to be safe for people in any age group. It is best recommended for those, who want to avoid chemical components. Sage and Henna are some of the best examples.

Medical Treatment:

The higher the percentage of melanin in your body better will be the hair color. It is the main ingredient that determines human skin color too. With aging, the melanin production reduces, thus causes graying of hair. Through advanced medical treatment you can reduce the aging signs and maintain its production level.

You can consult your dermatologist who can recommend the best gray hair cure that will help you to cope up with this issue. Ensure that none of them have any side effects, when you consume them on a regular basis.

Using Topical Nutrition:

You can cure this issue through topical solutions, which will provide you with enough nutrition that is required by your body. It helps in maintaining the quality of your hair and reduces graying of hair substantially.

Some of them are being used successfully for ages and is known for better results. Few of them are as follows –

a. Eugenol Oil – This oil is derived from cloves. It is best known to restore the color of the hair and will postpone the graying problem.
b. Amla Oil – This is second in the list and is one of the effective ways of having a healthy looking hair. It strengthens the follicles and facilitates pigmentation of hair. As a result you will have long and strong hair.
c. Ligustrum – It has been used by the Chinese people since ages and is mainly used to prevent graying.
d. Ashwagandha – It naturally increases the melanin content of your body and treats your hair efficiently. By regularly using it, you can retain its original color and quality
e. Superoxide Dismutase – It is one of the compounds that is found in hair gels and is meant to avert the graying process.
f. Omega 3 Products – It is known to have anti-oxidant factors that help in maintaining the quality of the cells. You can use Omega 3 shampoos that help in fighting against premature graying issue.

Retin A:

It provides natural color to your hair and makes it look quite amazing. You need to combine it with alpha-hydroxyl acid and apply it gentle on your hair.

Apart from the above mentioned nutrition, there are many other hair treatment pills and medicines that can be consumed orally. They have all the required ingredients that are necessary for the growth of your hair and reduce the graying of your hair.

It is recommended not to color your hair too frequently, as it might damage the natural textures. Choose the right product that will make it look healthy and covers any gray color that might make you look aged. Excessive pollution and unhealthy diet can cause premature graying of your hair. In this case, you can choose to color it with a permanent dye.

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