A Diabetes Blood Test Is Necessary On A Consistent Basis


Diabetes sufferers should test their blood sugars or glucose levels consistently and regularly as this is the only that they can this condition or alter their management of it. A Diabetes Blood Test is the only way to show if these levels are not near what their target blood sugar should be.

Regular testing also helps reduce long terms complications, so a diabetes blood test should be part of their everyday life. The traditional method of testing entails a small prick to the finger with a sharp needle or a Lancet. A drop of blood is put onto a test strip and this strip is then placed into a meter which displays the levels of blood sugar.

Diabetes blood test meters vary in not only size but also in features. Some diabetes blood test meters boast large displays while some give audible readings. They vary in speed, portability and costs. Most Diabetes Blood Test meters should provide results in a matter of seconds and they should be able to store information for future use. They are also capable of calculating the average blood sugar levels over a period of time.

There is a diabetes blood test meter that allows testing in alternative sites, in other words, testing areas of the body besides the fingertip such as the forearm, the thigh or the base of the thumb. However, different body sites provide different results and a diabetes blood test taken from the fingertip shows results more quickly which is good if your blood sugar changes rapidly.

Alternative Diabetes Blood Tests

Lasers are another good way to conduct a diabetes blood test as they reduce pain and discomfort which is perfect for those who suffer low pain thresholds. Lasers produce a precise beam of light that penetrates the skin rather than having to prick yourself.

There are a host of other diabetes blood test kits available too, one consists of a small device that involved inserting a very small plastic catheter, or tube under the skin. It collects small amounts of blood over a period of 72 hours and measures the sugar content. Or you can use a watch like device that is designed specifically to measure blood sugar via a small electric current.

This diabetes blood test draws a small amount of fluid from the skin and measure the blood sugar content 3 times per hour over a 12 hour period. This is a non-invasive way to sugar levels, but should not replace the traditional diabetes blood test of daily finger pricking.

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