A Closer Look at the Popular Uses of Frankincense Oil


Frankincense essential oil has been a health care mainstay for thousands of years. It even appears in the bible. There are dozens of wellness-related uses for this fragrant oil, and here are a few.

Bathing and Aromatherapy

One of the most popular uses of frankincense oil is to add it to a warm bath. This combines both the pleasant olfactory effects of the oil and the well-established health effects. Bathing in water infused with this oil may soothe the body and remove the effects of tension externally. Emotions of peace and relaxation are common when it is used in a bath or other aromatic application, but the effects are not necessarily limited to the state of mind.

Cleansing Properties

Frankincense essential oil has also been known for centuries to hold cleansing properties. Although the precise mechanism was unknown to the ancients, we can now understand how the oil cleanses. This can work both for physical surfaces such as countertops and for parts of the body such as the skin. Frankincense has also been known to function as a skin rejuvenator. This has any number of healthful qualities, from cleaning the skin to reducing wrinkles. This also makes it an ideal treatment for skin blemishes. The oil works to clean the skin during any skin outbreak, then assists in helping skin issues and even helps to reduce the appearance of scars.

As a Mouthwash

Another appropriate external use of this essential oil is to clean the mouth and teeth. The oil is simply swirled around the mouth, thoroughly coating the oral cavity and utilizing its cleansing properties. Then it should be expelled without ingestion. This is of importance when using the oil to clean the mouth, as the material removed by the treatment is made up of waste products.

Ingestion of Frankincense Oil

Please remember that, generally, pure essential oils can be used for internal use in small doses. This is especially applicable to frankincense oil, as it is very strong. A little goes a long way on external applications, and that is even more true when it is in ingested. However, in extremely limited doses there can be strong gastrointestinal benefits of frankincense essential oil. It has also been known to improve the digestion of food. Only pure oil should be used for these purposes, as “fragrance” or “perfume oils” might contain adulterants that could have deleterious effects.

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